Seller’s Inspection

If you are thinking about or already have your home on the market, a Seller’s Inspection, or a pre-listing inspection, is a wise investment that could save thousands and keep your buyer from walking.  The common perception is that a home inspection is for the home buyer, not the home seller, but actually the best time for a home inspection is before you put your house on the market.

Here is a list of a few reasons why a Seller’s Inspection is well worth the investment.

  1. The purpose of the seller’s inspection is to put You in Control! Don’t be surprised by repair items that the buyer’s inspection finds, find them now on your terms.
  2. Finding out if your home needs repairs now, before you have a buyer, allows you to make decision about the repairs on your own terms. You can make the repairs yourself, take the time to get fair prices from multiple contractors, or choose not to fix them and include the repair in your homes disclosure.
  3. With a complete and clear view of your home’s strengths and weaknesses, you can market your home to the best benefit of the future seller.
  4. Homes that are inspected prior to going to market have two very significant attributes:
    1. They sell faster
    2. They sell closer to the asking price

At Cumberland Inspection Service we are well aware of the stresses that selling your home brings.  Our inspection gives you the information you need to market your home and increase your chances of selling your home faster and closer to the asking price.  Our Seller’s Inspection will help you have confidence and security when selling your home.


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