Giving out referrals for professional services or any service for that matter is a big deal and reflects directly on your reputation.  We understand this completely and know that all good realtors strive to give their clients the best service possible, and this includes giving referrals to their clients.  You refer lenders, closing agents, pest controls, moving agents… the list goes on and on.  This is a vital service to your clients that is needed and wanted by your clients and they are looking to you to help them know where to look.

So as a professional realtor, how do you manage your risk and at the same time give your client this vital service?

  1. Know the service provider you are recommending and makes sure you trust them. If you wouldn’t do business with them, then don’t recommend them.
  2. Check out the service providers’ testimonials. What is being said about them? Are they producing satisfied customers?
  3. Always recommend at least 3 service providers for any one service you are recommending.
  4. Make sure that the service providers you recommend are fully licensed and insured to do business as they advertise.
  5. The final decision rests in the hands of your client, so encourage and educate them on the need to do the research on each reference.

At Cumberland Inspection Service, we take our clients’ satisfaction very seriously. In fact, it is everything to us.  We pride ourselves on providing a second to none home inspection that is exceptionally detailed, thorough, and delivered in a report that is easy to understand and use to make confident and secure decisions with.  Our real secret to success is how we treat our clients.  We get to know them and what they need and produce every home inspection specifically to meet our clients’ unique needs.  We are always there for them; before, during, and after the inspection.  Our clients are treated like family and can call on us any time; one day after the inspection or 2 years after they have moved in.

Many home inspectors over-sensationalize their findings, overwhelm the buyer, and never bring perspective to the home inspection process.  We know how to bring perspective and understanding to our clients.  Most things found in a home inspection are easily fixed and if the inspector would just take the time to educate and explain this,  most of the buyer’s anxiety could be alleviated.  This is what we do for our clients. We will take the time to explain and answer all the buyer’s questions and concerns.  We don’t just produce a home inspection report; we produce secure and confident home buyers.

We don’t treat referrals lightly.  We know what it means and how important it is in the real estate transaction, and if you include us on your referral list, you can be confident in knowing that your clients will be treated like family and that we will be there to help anytime.