Investor Property Inspection

At Cumberland Inspection Service we recognize the value of investing in real estate, from flipping homes to holding multiple rental properties. Cumberland Inspection Service serves you in understanding your investment properties.  We tailor make our investment inspections to suit your investment needs, from full blown home inspections to systems specific inspections, we will work will you to make sure your needs are meet and that your report will give you the information you need to be confident and secure in moving forward with your property venture.

We are a client-focused company and will provide you will an unbiased professional look at your investment property.  We would love to be a part of your team and to help you understand and maximize your investment.
Real Estate MoneyWhat we offer to investors:

  1. Customizable inspections to fit your needs
  2. Detailed reports with defect and maintenance summaries
  3. Property inspection plans for large portfolios
  4. Property maintenance inspections for long term investment properties
  5. Access to your inspector 24/7. Have a question?  We are always available


Cumberland Inspection Service would love to be a part of your team and would be glad to serve you.  Give us a call to get your custom inspection plan for your properties.