11 Month Warranty Inspection

The 11th month builder warranty inspection is home inspection performed within the first year of ownership of a new home, usually done the 10th or 11th month before the builder’s warranty expires.  It is also your opportunity to make sure your home and the systems in your home are working properly and that maintenance items are addressed.


At Cumberland Inspection Service our 11 Month Builder Warranty Inspection is a full home inspection that focuses on three areas:


  1. Did the home perform as intended?
    • If the home had phase inspection during construction, then it is very rare to find builder induced defects.
    • Most builder defects are minor and moisture related and if found in a timely manner easily corrected, but if left unchecked, they typically result in significant structural problems with a large possibility of mold problems.
    • Manufacture defects of installed material, systems, or appliances. It is important to note that these items are no fault to the builder, but it is important to find these as soon as possible so as not to void a warranty or miss an opportunity to be compensated for the defective item.

2. Significant events that cause physical damage such as high winds blowing off shingles, tree limbs falling on HVAC units, or animals tearing screens. Although none of these issues are the builder’s responsibility to repair, it is important that they are discovered and repaired immediately to prevent additional damage to the home.

3. Maintenance items that often go unchecked: Things like caulking at counter tops and bathtubs, filter changes, and cleaning gutters.  All of these are the responsibility of the homeowner and if left un-checked can result in damage to the home and major expense for the home owner.


Having your new home inspected right before the one year mark is a wise investment that could save you thousands in future repairs.  It also provides you with written documentation from a professional home inspector if your builder disregards your claims against the warranty.  Besides having any defects discovered, you will also gain countless maintenance tips and understanding of how your home is performing in its environment.

Please contact us to schedule an inspection or if you have any questions.